A Big Thank You to Sergii Pylypenko (Pelya) for porting the SDL library to Android, for creating xserver-xsdl and for preconfiguring this custom X server for ViewTouch.  The ViewTouch X server is an.apk file which enables ViewTouch to provide high resolution remote display/input sessions across the local network to Android and Chrome devices.

Download the ViewTouch X server for Android and Chrome

Select Settings > Security > Unknown Sources to allow the ViewTouch X server to be installed.

This new version lets you install the ViewTouch X server on these Chrome devices!

Here are the latest Android tablets you can buy online.  Install the ViewTouch X server on any Android device and use as ViewTouch Point of Sale displays, up front, at your drive up window and in your food & beverage preparation areas. 

You may find Easy Installer useful when installing the ViewTouch X server.

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