There is something very important for you to know when you are considering your choices for the best value and the best performance in your restaurant's point of sale system.

ViewTouch is the ONLY point of sale solution which is designed to run 100% on the network, 100% on Linux, and 100% on the Internet's protocols - TCP/IP - transmission control protocol / Internet Protocol.

ViewTouch point of sale software does not rely on the legacy PC architecture in which computers sit on the network and use the network to pass data files & print jobs among themselves.  Instead, ViewTouch broadcasts point of sale screen information directly to the touchscreen displays which are attached to the network.  ViewTouch broadcasts your POS screens to touchscreen displays located anywhere on the Internet, too, and no other point of sale solution does this in a straightforward, secure way.  You have the ability to access and control your POS system from anywhere on the Internet, without the need for any third party software applications.

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