ShortCrust caseShortCrust

ViewTouch is now available on the Raspberry Pi 3 computer

Raspberry Pi computers are the world's most popular single board computers

WiFi N, 2.4 Ghz  ***  Bluetooth 4.1  ***  64-bit, 1.2 Ghz quad-core processor  ***  400 Mhz VideoCore IV

Includes ShortCrust enclosure, power supply, microSD card and USB Flash drive

 >RPi Powerverbatim micro sdhcVerbatim Flash storage

Point-of-sale breaches continue to make headlines

The continued use of unsupported popular PoS operating systems will also leave merchants vulnerable to attack. During the past two years, three popular Windows operating systems – two of which are directly related to many major PoS platforms (Win XP and XP embedded) – reached their end-of-life. The vulnerabilities of these systems are still being discovered, creating another dimension of IT security risk that many merchants are failing to consider seriously.

Among the advantages of ViewTouch Point of Sale is that in 30 years of use,
ViewTouch clients and their customers have never even once been victims
 of a Point of Sale breach which has resulted in fraudulent,
 unauthorized use of their credit or debit cards!

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