Options @ ViewTouch

Performance-enhancing options for you to consider

  • Larger LCDs with more resolution than the 15" 1024 x 768 standard: Higher resolution allows more information (more buttons, hence fewer pages) on a POS display, whether it's being used for order entry or at one of your prep sites.  We can provide virtually any size or resolution you want.  It isn't just TV that gets better with larger displays - the efficiency of POS tools improves as resolution and display size increase.One advantage of larger displays is that much more information appears on each page; the interface is even more intuitive and easier to operate because there's less need to move from one page to another.

  • Special mounting hardware for printers, displays and cash drawers.  Put any component anywhere: under the counter, in the counter, on the counter, on a pole, hang it from the ceiling, hang it on the wall like a picture, attach it to any kind of arm extending from a wall.  Put your POS hardware ANYWHERE you want it to be.

  • Wireless data connectivity.  Elegant and affordable.  Here Now.  Handheld units to take an order, print a receipt and take a card payment.

  • Our integral credit/debit card solution.

  • Automatic backup of data.  This option is FREE.  It is an option, however, because we don't provide this unless we have your explicit permission, even if off-site data backup can occasionaly, even if infrequently, be a figurative lifesaver.

    • We will continuously back up at our hosting facility, in real time, the entire directory tree which contains your your ViewTouch filesystems for your protection.

    • We will encrypt and compress all information sent between our hosting facility and your operation site(s).

    • We will use virtual private tunneling to reduce latency for multiple files and will use ssh for security.