New & Unique @ ViewTouch

Dual Purpose Touchscreens
Our newest display fuses, or blends, what would otherwise be two displays into one.  The first display use is the order entry display and the second display use is the preparation site display.  Whatever you can do on either of these displays you can now do on any ViewTouch display.  Order entry and prep info are displayed simultaneously on one higher resolution LCD.  Imagine a bartender who can, on a single display, simultaneously enter drink orders from customers on the bar stools, view the cocktail orders coming in from the cocktail servers on the other side of the room and notify the cocktail servers that their drinks are ready!

MenuBoardMultimedia Menu Boards
We also offer any size LCD menu board featuring HDTV and fortified with information driven by your POS system.  You will be one of the first food & beverage operations to implement not just a high end POS system, but also surround your customers with a true, state of the art point of purchase environment.  The introductory price of the 30" menu board shown is just $ 2,995.  It will automatically display all of your menu items and prices according to the time of day and day of week.  It's all driven automatically by your ViewTouch POS system via DVI (Digital Video Interface).

Versatile Mounting Options
We can ship ViewTouch Internet POS with any high resolution LCD touch screens and virtually any kind of mounting hardware that you can imagine - countertop, wall, ceiling, pole. One advantage of larger displays is that much more information appears on each page; the interface is even more intuitive and easier to operate because there's less need to move from one page to another. Select the display mounting hardware that best fits your requirement by browsing this showroom and we'll be glad to package your preference with your order.