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ViewTouch POS is an important part of success in any hospitality business.  It is a management dream come true, because management is all about coordinating the behavior of the people in your business to get common, everyday things done, and starting nearly 40 years ago, I began using computers and software I was writing, to create ways to do that.  Everything I have done and learned since I began doing this in 1977 is now available to you.

ViewTouch Point of Sale 'PoS' services will make your business more efficient, more profitable & more fun to operate.  I provide the equipment, the software & the support services which enable you to automate your restaurant's information processes and enable you to conduct your business more efficiently.  Tasks which people cannot do, and perform work which would otherwise go undone are now done automatically, and instantly, making permanent records of: inventory, transactions, employee logs, customer visits, management decisions.

measuring & reporting the relative success (or failure) of productivity, cash handling, every item on your menu.

    Information Automation affects you, your employees & customers in many very positive ways. Automating your business's information processes is necessary to allow it to operate more efficiently and grow. The affordability, the ease and the wisdom of making Information Automation a key resource in your company's strategy is our message to you - Welcome to ViewTouch.  We invented graphic touchscreen point of sale for each of you, for all of you. Our story began decades ago & it continues to unfold, because of you, your requirements & your goals for your own businesses.

Tradition, Excellence and Value  

      What is it that makes the ViewTouch POS solution better?   ViewTouch is the original point of sale software and the first "virtual POS interface". It was the vision of ViewTouch's founder that PoS software and color graphic touchscreen images would make it quick and easy to record, manage and report every detail of every business transaction and production activity. In 1986 the first such systems were built, installed and unveiled at ComDex, Las Vegas. Having launched the graphic touchscreen point of sale interface, ViewTouch has the longest history of experience in the PoS business.  That history grows longer daily because its founder is more active than ever before, at the center, building a worldwide community of customers and business partners.

    From the beginning our mission has been the invention, development and application of  PoS interface technologies to serve the information automation needs of the retail industry. Our commitment today is stronger than ever. We are dedicated to enabling your business with a key strategic resource - a World-Class GNU + Linux Point of Sale restaurant software solution which enhances your business's operational efficiencies. We're proud to welcome you to our web site. After you've spent some time here, please call or email us with your questions.

We have created a new retail automation landscape that replaces cash registers and personal computers with a secure private network that spans all of your business locations. We have pioneered and mastered the arts of virtual interface and visual systems development in the context of retail automation. We have successfully blended and balanced the vast benefits of GNU Free software with the real-world necessities of proprietary software. The result of several decades of our unbroken dedication and ceaseless innovation is a turnkey GNU + Linux POS solution that sets the standards of reliability and versatility that the entire POS software industry must strive for.

    ViewTouch is the only truly secure Point of Sale solution; it has always been 100% free of viruses and worms. It is the only first-rate POS solution based entirely on GNU + Linux and is acclaimed for its excellence. ViewTouch is more than great GNU + Linux POS software; it's an unsurpassed combination of virtual interface authoring tools, state of the art hardware, secure network services, remote management, payment processing services and encrypted data archival.  This is all available to you at lower prices than ever before, in a package that is more reliable than ever before.

    ViewTouch is based entirely on a GNU + Linux distribution crafted to meet the specific challenges and requirements of the Internet and of the new wireless point of sale opportunities. We offer an innovative, network-driven, graphic presentation engine, a net-driven GNU + Linux POS architecture and an Internet-centric file system. It's the future, it's here now and it's a very affordable GNU + Linux POS solution with which you can not only run with 'the big dogs' but with which you can outrun them.

    We have crafted a comprehensive array of information solutions within the visual development framework of our famed, often-imitated graphic touchscreen user interface.  These components are designed to make technology and the Internet useful to your organization within a highly customized point of sale context.  We can transform your business data and your business 'rules' into a disciplined, quantifiable, strategic advantage.  The information tools, strategies and resources which we provide will empower your staff, streamline operations, enhance productivity and make complexity manageable.

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