The X Windows System: Universal, Free, Remote Connectivity

Point of Sale Tools, Source Code & The Help You Need

We exist to help you build a network-driven point of sale solution for your food & beverage organization, whether it's a mom & pop operation or a massive hospitality enterprise.  We have the tools, the code, the skills, the experts and the track record to make it happen for you.

  We offer the experience and tools to you to help your organization in any point of sale project you are involved in or are considering.

  ViewTouch is a framework for the rapid application development of multi-user, collaborative point of sale solutions on open source platforms.  There are no 3rd party license, royalty or patent-related costs for any of the components used in any projects built with the ViewTouch framework

  We can assist any individual or organization in quickly creating an interactive prototype for evaluation. The ViewTouch framework is unique; iit can be launched from a grid or virtualized and it requires only the X server software component and the minimal X terminal hardware necessary for the X server on the user side.

  Project leaders, designers and users can launch projects by first creating the interface.  The code is then added in modular fashion to bring the interface to life.  Projects can be launched with initial GUI prototypes on day one!  These screen shots were built for the food & beverage market by using the ViewTouch framework.  GUI components such as these can be built by users who have no programming skills but who nonetheless know what they want from their GUI.  The intuition and experience of users is the most natural and sensible starting point for successfully system designs.

Someone asked me recently what are things that people hate about PoS systems.  This is a list of what people hate about PoS systems and, of course, NONE of them describe ViewTouch PoS.

1. PoS Systems that are based on an operating system that requires you to sign a user agreement to use it.

2. PoS Systems that require you to sign a user agreement that locks you into their PoS payment system.

3. PoS Systems that lock you into any other credit card network processor other than the one you choose.

4. PoS Systems with terminals which don't operate with fully centralized data storage.

5. PoS Systems that don't provide source code access and the right to modify the source code.

6. PoS Systems that don't have someone I can talk to 24/7 without paying a minimum or hourly charge.

7. PoS Systems that can't be upgraded for free.

8. PoS Systems that can't upgraded to the latest hardware for a very low, nominal cost.

9. PoS Systems that don't allow menu & modifier pages with every button exactly where I want it, exactly the size I want to be.

10. PoS Systems that can't be backed up for free.

1. ViewTouch is based on Linux.

2. There is nothing you sign which locks you in to a payment system.

3. You choose any credit card network processor you want to.

4. ViewTouch is designed to eliminate the unnecessary replication of your data storage and the problems that data replication causes.

5. ViewTouch is licensed under the GNU Public License which preserves your right to see the code you rely on and fix it if you find it's broken in any way, and enhance it as long as you also use the GPL and contribute your enhancement to the source code to the ViewTouch community.

6. There is no charge for calling ViewTouch for any reason, including support, help and training.

7. There is no charge for upgrading either Linux ViewTouch software.  You are always running the latest version.

8. ViewTouch offers you hardware upgrades with no markup over the best price you can find online.

9. The ViewTouch menu building tools are the most versatile in the PoS industry, hands down.

10. ViewTouch uses rsync to remotely synchronize all of your data for you or to the backup device and location you choose.

The Beginnings of Graphic Touchscreen POS

The X Windows System: Universal, Free, Remote Connectivity

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