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ViewTouch POS solutions are automating information in hospitality organizations throughout the world. ViewTouch Expert Point of Sale Resellers provide local consulting and support in many countries, including England, Australia, Holland, Puerto Rico, Canada and the USA.

   OK,so you've got some skills or experience at some level with Linux (or maybe even none at all!). Or, you're just plain tired of Windows.  And someone you know who has a restaurant is looking for a point of sale system, either to replace the junk they have or to take the 'big' step and buy their first POS system.  What can you do to help them?

   Well, you CAN help them. You can join the ViewTouch community and provide hospitality organizations in your part of the world with advanced, Linux-based information tools.  You can helpthem to avoid overpaying, you can assure them that they won't end up with a point of sale system that lacks versatility and reliability.  You can become a member of a worldwide association of Linux restaurant and hospitality experts, regardless of the level of your past exposure to, or experience with, point of sale software and systems.

   This group of people and organizations exist specifically to help you and the people you know in the hospitality business to make the most of Linux.  Consider the advantages of belonging to a worldwide network of people who have walked the road to successfully using Linux in the hospitality solutions market.

The Worldwide Community of Linux Restaurant & Hospitality Point of Sale Expert Resellers

   The requirements are simple; start by contacting us and giving us an idea of your intent to contribute, then purchase a solid state ViewTouch Point of Sale computer at 60% off, just $395, and learn to use the software.  This and your time are the only investment you need to make.  The software is intuitive and training is provided via Skype.  You may construct and execute your marketing plan as you see fit, set prices and service contracts as you feel the market allows.

   The reseller's price for an introductory ViewTouch POS Engine is $395. ViewTouch POS computers very compact in size and are used in a wide range of POS situations, from fine dining displays to quick service displays, from self-ordering kiosks to kitchen video displays, from menu boards to digital signage.

   If you or your organization is interested in reselling ViewTouch Point of Sale and/or joining ViewTouch then please contact us

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