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Point of Sale Software for Hospitality.
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  1. Download the ViewTouch Point of Sale bootable image file for the Raspberry Pi
  2. Use the ViewTouch Desktop's Print Settings application to add a Bixolon printer to ViewTouch
  3. Use the ViewTouch Desktop's browser interface to add a Bixolon printer to ViewTouch
ViewTouch is a Free Software Point of Sale Solution combining the advantages of Linux and Secure Shell Graphical Display Forwarding in your hospitality locations and across the Internet. ViewTouch transforms your management and crew into an efficient service team. ViewTouch is based on Debian Bookworm GNU/Linux and CUPS Internet Printing. Your PoS desktop looks like this. The LibreOffice productivity suite is your back office solution. ViewTouch provides 24/7 phone support, training, updates, and backup. Remote graphical secure shell 'ssh' allows as many displays as you need without needlessly redundant copies of the application or Database.

Retain your rights to free (as in Liberty) software. ViewTouch does not require that you sign any agreements!! Don't surrender your privacy and profits to any company in exchange for any company's permission to use proprietary software!

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