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OneLinux Point of Sale ( Linux POS ) is better in so many ways.  It's more reliable and is much more affordable.  It's supported by a world of Free Software contributors.  It's more versatile and more intuitive to use.  Linux point of sale, 'POS' is a far better value because it is second to none, at any price, from any company. In this photo you can see what a state-of-the-art, Server-Free, solution looks like. If you want a POS system that just works, won't cost as much as a new car, and if you want to be able to freely talk with the people who stand behind it, you will find all this and more at ViewTouch.

I'm Gene Mosher, creator of the ViewTouch POS trademark.  this is my 34th year in the POS business.  I stand with a worldwide network of Linux Point of Sale Specialists behind every ViewTouch display.  I first devised kitchen printing in 1979, created the first graphic touchscreen POS interface in 1986 and named it ViewTouch. The touchscreen interface almost certainly looks familiar even if you've never actually seen it before. The  'look and feel' of the copyrighted ViewTouch POS interface has been copied by virtually every POS company throughout the world. My ViewTouch interface has become the global de facto standard; it's intuitive and easy to learn.  Any hospitality business in the world can afford the world's best, the world's 'Original', Point of Sale.

The ViewTouch trademark applies to the POS interface and to the community of point of sale and Linux experts which I sponsor, a community which spans the globe. This community is a network of dedicated professionals who share the vision and the spirit of innovation that has inspired me since I first began building restaurants and building information automation systems nearly forty years ago. These Linux and POS experts share and are enabled by all of the ViewTouch POS resources and expertise accumulated across four decades.  They have pledged their efforts, with mine, to provide you with top notch point of sale technology at a price that is readily affordable. You may trust that the members of the ViewTouch community around the globe understand the challenges facing hospitality professionals and can offer solutions to meet them.

I proudly introduce you to ViewTouch Point of Sale. On the following pages you'll begin to find answers to many of your questions about how POS technology can make your hospitality business easier and more profitable to operate.  Let's begin the tour, then.

TwoOrder Entry and Your Data: We offer tools to create POS menus with unlimited items, modifiers and qualifiers (`no', `extra', `light'). You can compose distinct menus and prices for any meal period: brunch, early bird, cafe and late night. Remote touchscreen video or remote printing schemes for multiple kitchens, multiple bars and expediting stations. Open multiple guest checks at any table. Do 'line item voids' and 'comps'. Do guest check splits and merges even after accepting payment.

ThreeTime Clock, Labor Management and Payroll: Employees can hold multiple jobs at multiple pay rates. The Time Clock log can be reviewed and edited indefinitely. All logged hours are summarized in labor group productivity reports which feature drill down viewing. View summaries of pay period hours and wages, with regular and overtime earnings.

FourBuilt-In, Easy Menu Authoring: ViewTouch features integral application authoring; create attractive menu and table graphics with ease. Authoring features designer themes, colors, proportional fonts and textures to make your menu and table layouts truly stunning.

FiveReports: Revenue, Productivity, Item Performance Analysis:  Report formats in HTML, Postscript or PDF. View or print on any Internet browser or printer. Analyze any day or period, in real time, as it happens and at any future time. Every report is available forever; we NEVER erase ANY old data to make room for new data. We back up data as part of our service and support package.

ViewTouch includes Touch 'n' View for easy access to reports and data. It's a quick, easy-to-use, data storage design and report generator which does away with the need for any third party relational database (RDBMS) and sequential query language (SQL). It's a versatile, easy way to obtain meaningful transaction reports without having to install some third-party's database and learn how to query it. Simply put, we stand for simplicity, especially when it comes to understanding the significant implications of all that data about your organization that we are archiving.

There are Touch 'n' View reports for every aspect of your operation -- a revenue report provides details of daily transactions shows, shift by shift, food and beverage class totals, average check/table totals and productivity totals. Analyze the strength or weakness, success or failure, of every item on the menu, including modifiers. Evaluate menu item performance for any day, period, year, even by employee. View an analysis of menu items alphabetically or by their family grouping. There are important facts there you need to know.

SixTable Graphics and Guest Check Management: Create table graphics, manage seating and guest checks. Table waiters and waitresses can each have personalized table views. Checks are transferred to other tables. Takeout, delivery and catering schedules are supported. All checks and payment detail are view able on screen at any time in the future. An audit trail permanently captures the details of all check edits, voids and comps. Split checks and merge checks with ease, either by seat or by menu item. Do reorders with a single touch. Capture the revenue that should go with all those upcharges!

SevenCash Balancing, Expense Management, Security Enterprise Point of Sale: Balance drawers and banks in just a couple of moments. Keeps all balancing and over/short details for permanent reference, and calculates the daily bank deposit. Full listings of non cash adjustments to sales for any day or period. Employee groups can be either granted or denied access to any of the sensitive operations, such as settling or editing checks. You decide which groups will have which responsibilities, whether at the supervisory or management level. Manage expenses by logging payouts to your account ledger.

ViewTouch ensures that transaction records aren't just files, but that they are archived into state-of-the-art, enterprise-wide, database replication and distributed data framework.

EightPoint of Sale Gear: LCD Touchscreens, Wireless Tablets and more: Use all the latest hardware with Linux POS, of course. High-Rez LCD touchscreens, fanless processors, wireless printers and more.

NineServices, Prices: A ViewTouch POS solution will always save a LOT of money compared to anything remotely equivalent from any of the Windows-based POS system vendors. Expect the best performance, the best value and the best price from the original POS company !

ViewTouch HomeselectSelectTimesheetAuthoringRevenueTablesCash BalancePrintersBuy

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