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Integral Graphic Table Management
You'll see TEN TIMES this much detail on each page of your table management layout if you make use of our highest resolution display - 1920 x 1200. Create any number of table pages. Each waitress or server will see only the tables which each one needs to see. Select any table to see the most recent guest check (w payment info if it's a closed check). ViewTouch graphic table management doesn't require extra computers or buying any extra software. It's part of the package. Transfer guest checks between tables with a touch? Yes. See any check at any table just by touching the table? Yes. Select a table and split or merge checks? Yes. Take partial payment at a table? Yes. Do all this from any display? Yes.

table management

Interactive Kitchen Video Communications

The Kitchen Video Display becomes a Multimedia Communications Station!

Click   kitchen video button  to see what ViewTouch users see  >

The ONLY Kitchen Video Display that allows anyone on any display anywhere to see in REAL TIME what the Kitchen sees, including which tables are 'Ready for Service'.

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