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Order and pre-sale assistance at  541-515-5913

New!  ViewTouch 13.3" All in One

Also available in a 11.6" portable version. 
Many options:
Sunlight Readable
Charging Cradle
Hot Swap Battery Pack
Rubber Bumper
Rubber Jacket
All VESA Mounting Options

Wi-Fi AC
3G LTE, and more.

Acer FT220HQLAcer UT220HQL touch screen: 21.5"
  • Capacitance

  • High Definition: 1920 x 1080 pixels, Vertical Alignment Panel Deep Blacks & Bright Whites 

  • Super Hard, Edge to Edge Glass is Spill ProofIntegrated USB 2.0 Hub: two USB ports on the left edge are easy to reach when attaching a keyboard or a mouse

Dell P2418H touch screen: 24"
  • Projected Capacitance

  • In-Cell Touch technology eliminates the need for the glass screen found in earlier touch monitors, delivering an anti-glare surface that reduces reflection and fingerprints.  The minimum bezel is easy on the eyes.
  • Integrated USB Hub: Two USB 3.0 ports, Two USB 2.0 ports, One USB Charging port

Do you prefer multiple display support in your office so you can get full use of your workstation by running 'Back of the House' apps simultaneously with PoS?  Do you prefer maximum processing power and storage speed in a contemporary form factor?

Choose an Intel NUC which best suits your requirements.
See the latest Intel NUC specs here.

For the Fastest Storage, NVMe SSD supports the Intel NUC's PCI Express® Gen 3 x4 lanes, providing higher bandwidth and lower latency than SATA SSDs. The 950 PRO is ideal for your PoS workstation.
Samsung 950 Pro
Samsung's V-NAND process in the M.2 form factor claims sequential read of 2,500MBps and sequential write of 1,500MBps. A tremendous value: 256 GB and 512 GB.

ViewTouch Pi Back Office
Intelligene Power Controller
Integrated Heat Sink
Up To 1 Terabyte Msata Solid State Storage
Real Time Clock

PostScript Receipt Printers from Bixolon include PostScript Page Description files. PPDs describe a printer's features and capabilities, function as drivers and provide a unified interface for the printer's capabilities and features.  There are many models with many interface options to choose from; we advise you to contact us to ensure that you get the most suitable model for your situation, and at the best price, too.

What's better than a printer in your kitchen?
A tablet is better than a printer ever can be.
A tablet is also a 2-way video communication system between your service staff and your kitchen staff!
ViewTouch supports up to 4 kitchen video displays.
Check out the new Samsung 18" tablet.

Select this button to see ViewTouch high definition Kitchen Video.

kitchen video button
CEasyMagard Readers ViewTouch Enterprise Edition features fully integrated Monetra credit/debit card operations. 

Your ViewTouch Point of Sale displays and tablets can be mounted both attractively and securely wherever you choose.

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