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Cash Balancing & Media Reconciliation
Employees with cash handling responsibilities simply enter the amounts of cash, checks & credit slips they hold at end-of-shift cashout. ViewTouch instantly compares this information with a summary of the sales and payment information found on all of the guest checks each employee owns. This report is reproducible at any time in the future; the information needed to reproduce it is never erased. What can be a frustrating, error ridden task with a calculator at end of shift is now an error free, fully accountable process that typically requires no more than three or four minutes. When an employee balances, they can print this information exactly as it's shown on the screen. That's the peace of mind that they're entitled to.

ViewTouch cash balancing is an important step toward the paperless back office in Restaurant; Bar operations. This report, like the sales analysis and timeclock reports, is available for any specific employee and as a summary of the cash balancing and media reconciliation totals for all employees.

Server Bank Report

Expense Manager
Every time there is a payout from a drawer or from the petty cash account you can document it as an expense transaction. At the end of day, and in the accounting report for the period, you'll find every expense transactions fully detailed on the Expense Report. You can edit any details, too, if you see an error. Expense details flow right into the general ledger.

Expense Report

Every employee group in your operation is either granted or denied access to any of the activities shown here. In this case there are no employees in the category of servers and cashiers. In other words, the servers do not collect cash from customers in this restaurant. Cashier and Host/Hostess positions are used in this case; employees assigned to these groups have the responsibility of `Settling' guest checks.

Activate the labor groups which are useful to you, then designate how much responsibility each of those groups will have in your restaurant. There are also passwords, but these are available on a different part of the manager's area.

Security Matrix

Some Specific Benefits of Enterprise POS
View or print any report at any time, on any browser or printer on the Internet All reports are formatted in your choice of HTML, Postscript or PDF Automate the sending of any report, in real time, to any browser or printer, anywhere in the world.

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