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ViewTouch Linux POS Value & Licenses & Support Rates

  We have a continuous, 30-year history of developing, innovating and selling to the hospitality market.  We have been writing the kind of POS software that makes a POS system such an improvement over electronic cash registers, since 1977, and nobody has been at it longer than we have.  We were first at providing on-screen productivity and sales analysis reports, in 1978, first at printing in the kitchen, in 1980.  We were first at providing a graphical touchscreen interface, in 1986, first at providing POS on true graphical touchscreen terminals, in 1995.  We were first at providing graphical touchscreen POS to customers through 'the cloud' in 2003, first to provide a complete POS solution in a solid state, hand-size device for under $1,000 in 2005.

  ViewTouch is a debt-free, worldwide organization of POS, software and hardware experts who are dedicated to providing customers with the highest performance POS solutions at the absolute lowest cost.  ViewTouch POS is based 100% on Linux and other software components which are licensed, as Linux is, on the GNU Public License.  No other full-featured POS software company can say as much.

Our foundation is the universe of Free Software,including the GNU operating system and Linux.
We have been under continuous development and unwavering direction since 1979.

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