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Guest CheckThe most beautiful and the most editable touchscreen guest check in the world !

Correct item and modifier errors with ease.

Comp or void orders if you're authorized.

Audit tracking of exceptional events.

Spot a mistake?  Fix it with ease.

Split a check for multiple payments and merge checks, too.

Reorder or enter large quantities.

Sort Items and Modifiers to help the prep staff.

Increment & Decrement (Changing 5 to 6, or 5 to 4) is easy.

Items by the pound.

Employee prices, automatic coupon deductions, automatic scrolling.
ImageimageViewTouch Customers Have All the Fun - and the Menu Control !

Beautiful menus are easy to create by pointing & clicking. The tools you need are included. Text is proportional, centered and rises above the surface of the textures. Text never runs off the edges.  Make any button object to short or tall, wide or narrow. Control textures, font sizes, colors & backgrounds.

You can have an item on more than one page, and each one can have its own unique appearance.  No limit on pages, and nothing you do with any button will enforce its appearance or behavior on any other button in the entire menu.

Every menu item and modifier can have three names: an official name on the receipt, a different name for the on-screen button, and yet another different name for printing. Everybody sees menu names and modifiers that are appropriate for their situation - 1) customers, 2) order takers, 3) kitchen staff.

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