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ViewTouch is a Free Software Point of Sale Solution which combines all of the advantages of Linux and Secure Shell Graphical Display Forwarding in your hospitality locations and across the Internet. ViewTouch transforms your management and crew into an efficient service team. ViewTouch is based on Debian GNU/Linux and features CUPS Internet Printing. Your PoS desktop looks like this. The LibreOffice productivity suite is your back office solution. ViewTouch provides 24/7 phone support and training, updates and backup. Remote graphical secure shell 'ssh'.

Retain your rights to free software. Don't surrender your privacy and profits to any company in exchange for permission to use proprietary software!
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I'm Gene Mosher. In 1977 I bought an Apple II computer from the first manufacturing run. In July of 1978 I began writing Point of Sale software on for my restaurants. In 1986 I bought an Atari ST computer and a MicroTouch touchscreen overlay and began building the first commercial Point of Sale solution for restaurants and bars using a graphical touchscreen interface under my trademark - ViewTouch ! I've been refining and developing ViewTouch Point of Sale solutions ever since! All these decades later I still enjoy assisting people in automating the information management in hospitality. Since 2014 my software has been available on the Internet (GitHub) under the GPL (i.e., the GNU Public License, version 3). ViewTouch is easy and intuitive to customize and to use. It's a very affordable hospitality information management workgroup solution which makes life much easier for everyone working in a hospitality environment! ViewTouch is a versatile, reliable and affordable Point of Sale alternative. It's been in use around the world since 1986. ViewTouch is licensed under the Free Software Foundation's GNU General Public License, version 3 The code is available for review at GitHub.
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