Free Software for Hospitality Point of Sale. Here is a new downloadable image for the Raspberry Pi!

The RPi 'Stretch' image contains upgrades which complement & enhance
an improved, 'hardened' version of ViewTouch Point of Sale:

      ViewTouch is the only Free Software Point of Sale Solution which combines all of the advantages of Linux and Secure Shell Graphical Display Forwarding in your hospitality locations and across the Internet.     ViewTouch PoS transforms your management and crew into an efficient hospitality service team.     ViewTouch Point of Sale is based on Debian GNU/Linux and features CUPS Internet Printing. Your PoS desktop looks like this.  The LibreOffice productivity suite is your back office solution.  ViewTouch provides 24/7 phone support and training, updates and backup.  Remote graphical monitoring with X over secure shell 'ssh'.

    Retain your rights to rely on free, transparent software.
Don't surrender your rights, privacy and profits to any company in exchange for permission to use its proprietary software!  If you value both affordability and reliability, then the world's most popular computer costs only $59 and just one gives you Point of Sale (PoS) on as many tablets as you need.  If you require Intel i7 and NVMe and M.2 storage then you can choose any of Intel's newest NUC computers.
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I'm Gene Mosher. In 1978 I began writing Point of Sale software on Apple II computers for my own restaurants. In 1986 I pioneered the building of the first commercial Point of Sale solution for restaurants and bars using a graphical touchscreen interface.  I've been refining and developing Point of Sale solutions for 35 years. I'd like to assist you in automating the information handling tasks in your restaurant and/or bar.  I can save you money, time and a lot of grief! ViewTouch is the most versatile, reliable and affordable Point of Sale available anywhere. It's in use around the world. 
ViewTouch code is licensed under the Free Software Foundation's GNU public license, version 3 and is Freely Available at GitHub.
The ViewTouch web site is built entirely in HTML with the sole purpose of providing all of the information you're looking for!

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